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Simple. Easy to follow. Fast results.

The Thinfinity Protocol is designed to:

  • Give the body the nutrition it needs through quality food choices

  • Provide time & energy for the body to process stored nutrition by utilizing an intermittent fasting approach

  • Encourage detoxification for the fat cells and major organs

The Thinfinity Protocol follows an intermittent fasting approach to allow the body the chance to process everything that is coming out of the visceral fat cells at a very high rate. This protocol encourages simple, controlled amounts of food so that the body can spend the bulk of its energy consuming the stored nutrition that has been tucked away in the visceral fat cells. 

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Protocol Guides Provided

Thinfinity provides the Thinfinity Protocol Guide for your clients so that they have all information necessary to be successful, including:

  • How to take Thinfinity Products & when

  • What foods to eat

  • How much to eat

  • When to eat

The Thinfinity Weight Loss Team is available to help train you & your staff about the in's and out's of Thinfinity so that your patients will find success.
The beauty of Thinfinity is that it is easy for your patients, so less work for you.