All About Candida


Candida is a fungus that exists in nature. In the human body, it is found in the gut.

Candida has many functions and is useful in limited ways when controlled properly and not allowed to overtake the gut in general. We rarely talk about candidiasis because it rarely shows up unless the gut flora is tipped in the wrong direction. Generally, in a healthy body, candida will comprise about 10-15% of the gut flora with the remaining 85-90% being comprised of bacteria. This is a good balance for the body and allows the proper breaking down of our foods and proper function of our immune systems.


What is different now compared to 50 years ago is the introduction of very powerful antibiotic therapy. The granddaddy of them all – penicillin- was actually derived from a fungus and was considered to be the greatest scientific advancement for humankind in the last century. It has truly changed how we treat infections.

That being said, the creators of the antibiotics had no idea what the long-term effects would be on the microbiome of the human being. Without knowing fully what too much antibiotic therapy could produce, it was given for almost every ailment up until the mid-1990’s. If a chile had a sniffling nose in 1960, they could reasonably expect to be taken to his medical doctor for a shot of penicillin in his backside. Of course, every parent wants the best for their child, so it was easy to sell the idea that any sign or symptom should be looked at by a medical professional to see if antibiotics were needed.

While it’s true that most illnesses were kept at bay by the antibiotic therapy, scientists did not realize what monster was being unleashed as far as long term healthcare and the beginning of incurable ailments, or superbugs, that would affect us. These superbugs would learn how to not be cured by antibiotic therapy. We are at that point now.

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Antibiotics leading to candida overgrowth

Think of one round of antibiotic therapy for a diagnosis of bronchitis or sinus infection as the beginning of a forest fire that has been set off against the bacteria in your gut lining also known as the microbiomes. Bacteria are the healthy evergreen and pine trees in this forest. As the forest fire rages, while yes, burning some of the underbrush that would help clean out the forest, it also burns out all of the good trees which leaves a susceptible ecosystem that is made up of black charred remains. Luckily, in the forest, good fauna and flora usually replace what was taken in the forest fire.

In our gut, however, antibiotics did not destroy the fungus as well as the bacteria. So, it removed the strength of the relationship and the ratios that exist between bacteria and yeast and allowed the stronger bacteria to die. This allowed the weaker yeast to become the stronger component in the relationship.

Yeast does not have the ability to break down our foods and what we ingest in the same way that bacteria does. Yeast has a tendency to grow uncontrolled.

Think of for example, your grandma making loaves of bread and what the function of what yeast in that recipe. You manipulate and work the dough and you leave in the bowl covered. You come back and the dough is a different size and thing that when you left. It operates by multiplying itself and growing aerobically. That’s what happens inside of your guts. All of the microvilli  which exists to have an increases surface area to have proper digestion in the gut is completely covered with a plaster of Paris like substance. Imagine a spongey, sour, milky type substance completely covering all of those life-giving surfaces of the digestive tract, not allowing proper digestion, oxygenation, and metabolism to occur. This is the beginning of the body looking for different pathways to assist it in living properly and healthfully. Until only recently, we didn’t understand the relationship that the gut had in the reaction to life and how the immune function can be tricked, manipulated, subdued, or worse yet, put to death. To the degree that this is happening is to the degree that the body begins to aim its immune function at its own health processes.

Once this deadly cycle begins, it is positive cycle. Meaning unlike a thermostat, which once the room is to the proper temp, the system shuts off… this system continues to propagate. Tragically we live in a world where we have so many amazing products that can cancel out symptoms with such ease that we fail to pay attention to the simple little things like upset stomach, sour stomach, bad breath, achiness of the joints, fogginess of the mind, loss of proper verbal processes, memory lapse, increased fatigue, or sleep, increased bloating, increased belching and flatulence, irritations of the skin (especially of the creases like the elbow, groin, or underneath the breasts). These are all slight signs that can easily be remedied initially by all of those wonderful aisles and rows at our grocery stores lined with product after product, ointment after ointment, pill after pill, to try to get these symptoms to abate.

It is our intention to get to the source of all of these irritations by teaching the proper methods of recognizing what is and what is not good for you or healthy and what is detrimental to your overall longevity.

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The Candida Overgrowth Solution

Thinfinity® Candida Cleanse has been specifically designed to target candida yeast overgrowth. Through the use of all-natural, hormone free components, Thinfinity® Candida Cleanse works quickly in the gut, as well as the entire system, to eradicate candida. 

Thinfinity® Candida Cleanse also introduces prebiotics into the gut so that healthy bacteria has a place to grow and thrive.

Imagine a garden. In order for good plants to grow well, the soil needs to have proper nutrition, be free from weeds, and then have time and space to grow. The gut behaves in the same way. Thinfinity® Candida Cleanse gives the gut the opportunity by providing the "good soil" for healthy bacteria to grow. 

As healthy bacteria grows and takes back the gut, the body will finally be free of cravings for sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates.